Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome to Placer Nature Center's New Executive Director, Brayden Mitchell

Meet Brayden Mitchell

Placer Nature Center is happy to welcome Brayden Mitchell as our new Executive Director. Brayden received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Planning and Interpretation from Humboldt State University.

From there he went on to work for all levels of government in the natural resource field.  Some highlights include; backpacking through Desolation Wilderness clearing trail for the USFS, working in Rocky Mountain NP at 11,800 ft. elevation at their Alpine Visitor Center, traveling across the country with a NPS exhibit for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, and overseeing the daily operations of the Mount St Helens VC for WA State Parks.

Love of nature starts in childhood

The common thread through all of this has been his drive to help people make personal connections to the natural world around them. Brayden explains:

“My love for the natural environment sprouted early in my life as I spent my days playing in the greenbelt behind my house.  It was nurtured along through Boy Scouts and family camping trips.  Then it blossomed into a carrier path while attending HSU.”
When Brayden isn’t working you will find him with his family playing in the front yard, hiking, or camping.  He also enjoys his daily run with his two Labrador Retrievers.
“I am truly excited about what the future holds for Placer Nature Center and I invite you and your family to visit us and to become a part of our growing family.”